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Skin n Scuba Travel Terms and Conditions

  • All prices per person based on double occupancy w/ adders for only 1 per room and deducts for non-divers provided on the description page of subject trip.
  • All travelers must agree to our travel liability waiver (download PDF) »
  • If airfare is included in your trip note that airline prices are subject to change with out notice till airfare is actually booked. We post the airfare allowance for each trip,.. if the price goes up the difference will be added to the final payment.
  • Travelers may deduct the airfare allowance & book their own air travel if they prefer.
  • All group travel which includes group air fare is subject to a minimum of 10 travelers booked for each exact itinerary by 100-days from date of departure. Should the minimum not be met we will advise of any change in the air fare. Should the air fare go up customers will be given the option to cancel per our standard cancellation policy or may book their airfare separately.
  • Each resort offers various price levels and types of accommodations which are sold on a first come basis. So, BOOK EARLY & pay your deposit to get what you want.
  • A single supplement charge will apply to all who travel alone. Usually, we can find a roommate for single travelers but cannot guarantee. Single Supplement adders average about $350 but vary with resorts & are much more on Live-a-Board trips.
  • Prices do not included personal dive gear or training unless specified in the description of the subject trip.
  • Trip cancellation / interruption insurance is highly recommended but is not included. Click here for information about Travel Insurance

Deposits | Payment Schedules | Cancellation Policies are as follows:

The below schedule is a standard for land based destinations.  However, many Pacific, Red Sea, Exotic and all Live-Aboard operations require payments much further in advance & will be posted on our website as they apply.  To be clear, please ask for a copy of the payment schedule for all such exotic & Live-a-Board trips.


Land Based: $200 due upon initial booking

Live-a-Board: $600 due upon initial booking

Varies with exotic trips such as but not limited to the Pacific, Indian Ocean & the Red Sea

Why deposit early? To get your choice of available rooms and/or cabins


1st Payment:

Land Based: At least 60% of total no later than 100 days from departure

Live-a-Boards & Exotic Destinations: At least 70% of total no later than 130-days from departure

Air fare will not be secured till this payment has been made.  Thus, making it earlier rather than at the deadline will probably result in better seating assignments and possibly a lower fare.

Failure to make this payment on time could cause a delay in booking your airline reservation which will could cause a significant increase in your airfare costs.

Final Payment:

Land based trips: 100% no later than 70-days from date of departure.

Live aboard trips: 100% no later than 100 days from the date of departure.

Be advised that failure to meet the posted payment schedule could result in the loss of the monies you’ve paid to date.  Obviously this is not something we want to see happen so please adhere to the above schedule or the appropriate schedule for your specific trip.


  • Should you cancel before the 120-days from departure 1/2 of your deposit will be refunded.
  • Due to the policies of live-a-board operators there may be no refund of the initial deposit.
  • Cancellation after the 100-day payment is made will probably result in forfeiture of all your airfare and a portion of the land based lodging and activities.
  • Cancellation after the 90-day payment is made will definitely result  result in the forfeiture of all the airfare and most of the land based lodging and activities.
  • Cancellation within 70 days of travel will result is the loss of all the monies paid unless we can find a replacement traveler.  Should we find a replacement traveler the original traveler will be responsible for all change fees as charged by the travel partners (airlines, hotels & dive operations) plus a $200.00 re-booking fee.
  • Payment & cancellation policies & schedules for the more exotic trips to the Pacific, Red Sea, Indian Ocean & Live-a-Boards trips are generally much more stringent.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot vary from our stated cancellation policy regardless of your situation.

Please consider the purchase of Trip Interruption & Cancellation Insurance & Dive Accident Insurance as soon as the 100-day payment is made.  These low cost products will go a long way towards your peace of mind should something come up. However, be sure to read the details of all such policies because benefits vary and rarely cover you simply changing your mind.

Skin n Scuba Group Travel Trip Cancellation & Other Policies

Diving Cost: To obtain the best pricing from the dive operators we prepay the diving. Refunds not provided for missed dives unless the dive operation is at fault (such as mechanical or staffing problems).

Airfare Cost & Policies: Refunds, delays, changes in schedules, baggage fees and all air line terms & conditions are in accordance with the terms of the respective carriers and will be subject to the respective airlines handling fees. Changes to airline schedules, luggage allowances & routing are at the sole discretion of the airline – Skin n Scuba is not  accountable for these changes. We will do our very best to work with the respective airlines however, any cost incurred that are not covered by the airlines would be the responsibility of the traveler.

Errors & Omissions: Typo errors can and do occur. We will correct them as soon as they are discovered.  However, if it is a pricing error you must pay the true cost or we will give you your money back.

Trip interruption & cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. Click here for information on Travel Insurance

Luggage Policy:
Airlines change their checked and carry-on luggage policies often & usually charge for one & sometimes all checked bags.  Note that all baggage fees as imposed by the airlines are the responsible of the traveler. Also be advised that airlines impose limits on their financial responsibility should luggage be lost or delayed. Again, protect yourself with trip insurance.

Check In: It is the travelers responsibility to check in with the airline 48 hours prior to your flight to confirm flights.

Travel Documents: It is the travelers responsibility to present a current passport (or other acceptable government document) to the airlines upon check in. Failure to have the PP with you will result in you being denied passage till such time as you can present your passport or other acceptable document with you being responsible for all additional re-booking costs. Also note that passports must have an expiration date of at least 120-days beyond the date of travel. However, this time period is subject to change with our notice,.. so check with the airlines.

Trip interruption & cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

Skin n Scuba is not responsible for delays, cancellations and/or changes due to circumstances beyond our control. Included but not limited to weather, air line delays and/or cancellations, delays and /or cancellations by other carriers and other travel partners. Sole remedy will be through those parties. However,. we will be your partner in fighting for your rights & remedy.

Skin n Scuba is a partner with Divers Alert Network (DAN). For more information on Trip Interruption / Cancellation insurance please click here.

DAN (Divers Alert Network) Dive Accident is  required by Skin n Scuba. All though rare, divers do end up in decompression chambers from time to time. And, the charges for such services in foreign countries is very high. DAN Insurance covers most of these expenses for very little money. For details of this valuable coverage, visit the DAN website. But, you must read the terms & conditions.
We must have a Travel Waiver signed and on file before your trip.

Go to this web page to download the Travel Waiver and other necessary documents.
Download our Travel Waiver here »

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