TDI Cave Diver

The TDI Cave Course is a large investment in time and money, but hugely rewarding.

The TDI Cave Course opens up access to an endlessly fascinating environment visited by very few human beings.  At the end of the course you will be gliding through chambers barely visited by man in as safe a manner as humanly possible.  The newly learned techniques and attitudes gained in the course will enhance your enjoyment and satisfaction of not only cave diving,.. but in all aspects of your diving.

As a prerequisite to the course we require that the student earn the TDI Advanced Nitrox or PADI DSAT Tec Deep 45 (or approved equal) Certification.  This prerequisite training prepares the student for the cave course by teaching the student how to dive double tanks (both back & side mount); how to maintain a horizontal profile; about the technical gear (the kit) and how to execute decompression techniques. Plus, you will understand the hazards and risks involved in cave diving, and will know how to prepare for & handle most reasonable & foreseeable emergencies.

Buoyancy and Trim: For sure there are virtually no circumstances in the caves where you would benefit from being vertical or even just ‘head up’… in fact this is a great way to impact the cave, kick up silt and/or become entangled in the guideline.  Thus, it is important that you are competent at descending and ascending in a horizontal position, turning while in a horizontal position, deploying reels/back-up light/writing on a slate all while motionless in a horizontal position.  The diver must never let his/her feet rest on the floor.

Furthermore, the responsible cave diver is always aware of the fact that he/she is diving in an environment that has been developing for tens of thousands of years.  To protect this environment the responsible cave diver must posses exemplary diving skills far beyond what is deemed acceptable for general recreational reef diving. It is often said that cave divers are the true “Ballerinas” of diving, the best of the best!

We conduct cave diving training in Mexico, Florida and on Grand Bahamas Island.  All three locations offer amazing cave diving, and each stresses a different facet of your cave diving skills.  While it is ideal to eventually have experience in all three environments, you will be able to develop a firm grasp of the basic cave diving skill level and mind-set wherever we choose to conduct your course.

Remember, it is important that you understand that you are not paying for a “Certification”, you are paying for the training. Thus, understand that you will not be issued a “Certification” at any diving level unless you have earned it by meeting all the performance requirements of the course. And it is equally important that you do not accept a certification for a level you do not feel you are ready for.

So, if you are ready to kick it up and join the diving elite,. you can count on our team to prepare you for diving in this amazing alien environment. We promise all candidates an incredible learning experience.

The TDI Full Cave Diver course can be taken in segments if requested. 
Should one not complete the full cave course during the 7-day Full Cave Course student will be issued Certifications for all levels completed.  Pricing is provided for subsequent training should that be necessary.

The TDI Full Cave Diver course includes the following Certification Levels:

1. Cavern Diver
2. Intro to Cave Diving
3. Full Cave Diver Certification

Price: Pricing is dependent upon class size.
$1,400 for 1 student
$1,250 each for 2 students
$1,100 each for 3 or more students

Schedule: Classroom, pool, and open water dives over 7-full days.

Schedule Options: Should your schedule not allow you to enroll in the Full Cave Course pricing for individual Courses are: Cavern $400; Intro to Cave $600; Full Cave $600. Note that each segment requires completion of courses in order as priced. I.E; one cannot take Intro to Cave unless candidate has competed the Cavern Course.

Not Included: Course materials, personal dive gear, gas fills, travel & living expenses, necessary rental gear, entrance fees and permits.

All that is included is the training services of the Instructor.

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