Specialty: Underwater Videographer


Specialty courses allow you to hone your diving skills in areas that you find interesting.

We are seeing more and more divers using GoPro & similar video action cameras. However, we see very little finished productions from these hours of “filming” underwater. I believe it is due to three primary reasons:

  • Most divers don’t know how to find the best angles for good footage
  • Most divers don’t understand lighting
  • Most divers don’t know how to edit video as necessary to produce an interesting short feature

There is little doubt that video is the best way to share the sights, sounds, motion and dynamics of the underwater world. If you want to get the best clips and also learn to edit your scuba diving stories to share with friends through Facebook, YouTube and other social media, then the PADI Underwater Videographer Specialty course is for you.

You will learn to create underwater videos that are interesting, entertaining and worth watching again and again.

Our course is offers you just a bit more by introducing you to Adobe Premier Elements, our favorite video editing software.

To view a video produced by one of our divers with little video experience click here, Cocos Island Whale Shark Encounter

If you’re a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver who is at least 10 years old, you can enroll in the PADI Underwater Videographer Specialty course.

Click here for more information

We offer a full range of specialty courses. Whether you’re working towards your Advanced Open Water certification, or just interested in sharpening your skills and becoming a better diver, specialty courses are a great way to do it. Find a few you’re interested in and we’ll bundle them together with a significant discount.

The UW Videographer specialty course consists of some scheduled classwork and two open water dives. All for $150.00!

Price: $150.00
Discounts will apply when taking multiple specialty courses.

Schedule: Classroom and 2 open water dives & a primer on video editing

Materials: Course materials are included in the price.

Open Water Dives: We normally conduct open water dives at Beaver Lake in NW Arkansas.

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