Open Water Diver Certification

The PADI Open Water course is the world’s most popular scuba certification course. Welcome to the world of recreational scuba diving!

Note: All training sessions priced at “GROUP” pricing levels are subject to rescheduling unless a minimum of 4 divers have signed up. This applies to all sessions at our shop and at Beaver Lake. So, please check with the shop at least a week prior to your scheduled group class. This does not apply to private classes unless an emergency or illness occurs.

Our Open Water course is presented in steps as listed below.

1) Classroom: You gain the basic knowledge by attending a conventional classroom session at our shop or by completing PADI’s on-line, eLearning “on-line” program.

2) Pool: Once the knowledge development is completed we move to our large in house salt water pool for the real fun.  In the pool we teach you the in-water skills & techniques needed for both fun & safe diving.

3) Open Water: Now we take you to an open water dive site, either a local lake or the ocean, where you develop additional skills by diving with a certified & insured PADI Instructor.

Additional Notes: Each participant must sign a liability release and all must pass a basic medical questionnaire. You must be at least 10-years-old to enroll in the course.

Note about required gear: mask, fins, and snorkel. Student should own “scuba rated” mask, fins, and snorkel. If these items are purchased from our shop we will rent you all the gear required for the Open Water Check-Out Dives for a flat fee of $30. Saving you at least $80.00 (some conditions apply). We have a huge selection to fit most any budget and price match internet stores.

Classroom & Pool sessions $250 (includes study materials)

Add $30 ea for the on-line eLearning option

Open Water Check Out Dives conducted with Skin n Scuba $225 based on a minimum of 4 student divers.

Schedule: Regularly scheduled classroom and pool training are offered over a weekend or 3 week night sessions. Check out dive are typically scheduled over a weekend at Beaver Lake.

Unless  booked & priced as private or semi private a minimum of 4 student divers are required or the class sessions will most likely be rescheduled. This applies to both classroom, pool & open water check out dive sessions.

the eLearning option allows you to complete all the classroom study at your on pace in the comfort of your home or anywhere you have internet access.

Gear: All scuba equipment is provided for the pool sessions except for the mask, fins, and snorkel set. Gear for the open water check out dives is available for rent. However a discount of $100.00 is allowed for all who purchase their required mask, fins, dive boots & snorkel from us. We required mask, fins & snorkel are available for rent during the pool sessions for a fee of $30.00.

Open Water Check Out Dives: Our program is unique in the industry because it includes 1 dive beyond the 4 open water check out dives for a total of 5. This extra dive will focus on “Peak Performance Buoyancy” Training – For a small extra charge of $25 a PADI Peak Performance Specialty Certification will be issued. After this 5th dive if time allows we will turn you loose for a 6th dive.  This 6th dive will be at the Instructors discretion

We are pleased to recommend two motel / resorts very near our training sites: C& J Sports for low cost basic lodging w/ tv & WiFi & but no coffee maker, fridge or microwave. etc but clean. (479) 253-9799  And, Pointe West Resort & Suites for more up-scale lodging w/ beautiful lake views, WiFi, DirecTv, coffee pot, fridge & other perks.  (479) 253-9799


 Note: Course must be completed within one year of purchase.

The eLearning option allows the student to skip the classroom session & to study at one’s on pace.

Once the eLearning program has been completed the student must arrive the dive shop 1-hr before the scheduled pool session to deliver the printed certification of completion; to fill out the liability & medical release & to take a short review of the material covered on-line.



For an extra fee we will conduct private classes with your friends, family, or even on your own. Note all pricing for private classes are based on our standard classroom sessions. Add $30 ea. to anyone who requires or wants the eLearning option.


In addition to the $245 fee for classroom & pool sessions add the following for private & semi-private classroom & pool session:
$100 for a private class for 1 student
$75 each for a group of 2 students
$50 each for a group of 3 students
$25 each for a group of 4 to 5 students
6 or more constitute a full class and pay the standard rate of $245 ea.

We’ll deduct $40.00 if you already own the PADI Open Water Crew Pack.

Private & Semi-private pen Water Check Out Dives:

  • ADD $200.00 for private 
  • Add  $150 ea for 2 student divers
  • Add  $100 ea for 3 student divers
  • 4 or more priced at standard group rate.
  • No adder for the Advanced Open Water add on pricing when private & semi-private rates are charged & course is conducted on same weekend as the open water check out dives.

Schedule: This is the perfect option for an individual, family, or small group of friends who would like to arrange scuba training as a private group to fit their schedule. Arrangements can be made to meet almost any vacation deadline or special circumstance. Book work can be handled in our classroom as a group, or via PADI’s eLearning from your home.

Gear: All scuba equipment is provided for the pool sessions except for the mask, fins, and snorkel set. Gear for the open water check out dives is available for rent. However a discount of $100.00 is allowed for all who purchase their required mask, fins, dive boots & snorkel from us.


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