Dive in with Sam’s Kansas City Special!


If you’re going to learn to dive, why not dive in and do it right?

No shortcuts here. You get all the training and dives you would if you took these courses separately, but you save time and money when we combine all 3 of these certifications into one package.

All study materials for OW & AOW are included—You save $125!

A value of over $685 for only $580!

Why do we offer this special and encourage students to consider it?

Because we feel that you will be much better prepared for your first ocean dives, with 10 to 12 dives under your belt, rather than just the 4 dives required by the basic OW course — don’t you?

No doubt taking these three courses up-front will make you a far safer and stronger diver, than if you just made the four OW check out dives as required by the OW course.  For sure we will see to it that you leave the lake diving at a much higher level, much more ready for your first ocean dives. During these courses our instructors will work to kick up your diving skills to a level you just cannot accomplish in four dives.  Plus, we work to insure that you don’t develop bad habits that will inhibit your enjoyment of the underwater world.

The Advanced OW and the PPB are just amazing courses that take you so far beyond what most beginning divers get in the basic OW class. Think about this: 10 -12 instructor lead open water dives, instead of just 4. The fact that it saves time and money is just icing on the cake. We do all the OW dives in one big weekend — it’s a blast. When it’s done you’re a better diver than some that have been diving for years and years but haven’t bothered to advance their training and skills.

It’s hard to express how important buoyancy control is. We see divers that have been diving for decades that still don’t get it! There’s no question, buoyancy control is the one skill that separates really good divers from all the rest. Our Peak Performance Buoyancy course will get you there. You’ll be safer, more comfortable, and be able to enjoy cruising through the water, stopping, starting ascending and descending like a pro. Then that skill will help you in everything else you learn and do in the sport of scuba diving.

Read about the Open Water DiverAdvanced OW and Peak Performance Buoyancy courses in our training section. Then, give us a call or stop by the shop during business hours, so we can talk over any questions you have. Let’s get you enrolled for our next class.

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