Cathi Bott-Christina

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PADI DiveMaster
Discover Scuba Diver Leader
EFR Instructor Assistant

“Scuba diving is my favorite way to unplug from the crazy top side world”!

I have been diving since College 1983 & love the freedom that scuba diving provides. It was hit and miss for some years until my son wanted to learn so I got back into diving a number of years ago.

Scuba diving is my favorite way to unplug from the crazy top side world that takes so much of my time and energy.

I found I really wanted to learn more so I started taking specialty courses.  I really enjoyed the challenge taking all those PADI Specialty courses provided p;us the new skills really helped kick up my enjoyment of the sport.

As a result of taking all those courses I decided I wanted to introduce other people to this wonderful sport.   So, I enrolled in a PADI DiveMaster Course at Sam’s Skin n Scuba.

I enjoy working with new divers & seeing them fall in love with diving just like I did. I also enjoy helping someone who has been away from scuba diving refresh their skills and of course just teaching folks who have never experienced scuba diving to blow some bubbles underwater with me.

I love the photography part of it and would love to learn to do more than just point and shoot and really get some great quality shots. I also want to learn to use more video editing software so I can produce some nice videos.

At some point I would like to be an instructor when time allows.

When I’m not working or diving I love to ride my motorcycle, play volleyball, go camping and play a little guitar.  In my topside world I am a Human Resources Director and Trainer.

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