Jen Rarey



PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
PADI Specialty Course Instructor
Emergency First Responder Instructor

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”  — Robert Wyland

In her own words:

I was raised in the Midwest. So, there is little doubt that the absence of a nearby ocean fueled my desire to explore the seas.

While I’m happy to be under the water anywhere, my favorite dive destinations include Cozumel, the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya, Roatan, and Hawaii’s Big Island. However,  stay tuned because there is a lot of ocean out there. My bucket list includes the Galapagos Islands, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the South Pacific. I may be small in stature, but I have a huge passion for diving with gentle giants: manta rays, turtles, dolphin, sharks & especially whale sharks.

What I love most about being a PADI Scuba Instructor is the opportunity to help people of all ages appreciate & understand the marine ecosystem. The corals and creatures I’ve seen while diving give me an entirely new appreciation for all forms of life. Divers have a unique perspective on the world so, encouraging all to be better stewards of our seas helps ensure that our next generation of divers will have the opportunity to enjoy the undersea world as much as I do.

Working with young folks is a particular joy—there is nothing like helping them into the gear for the first time and encouraging them to take their first breaths underwater.

I chose to train with and instruct for Sam’s Skin n Scuba because of their focus on education and safe diving practices, as well as the fun and camaraderie.

In addition to being a Scuba instructor, I’m a professional artist. And, for sure my love for all things scuba influences my art. I often draw and paint the creatures I’ve seen while diving and hope to teach underwater sketching someday. Please, check out one of my drawings on the left side of this page.

Every dive amazes and inspires me, whether I’m watching the tiniest shrimp walking along a strand of coral, being surrounded by a large school of grunt with their scales glinting in the light, or studying the pattern on the flippers of a sleeping green sea turtle.

Are you ready to blow some bubbles under water?

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